Biography of Debbie Burton

Angels In The Sky by Debbie Burton

Biography of Debbie Burton:

The author is a Penn State graduate, a major football fan, and the mother of two grown children who will always be her babies. She resides along the Delaware River where she enjoys the awesome scenery and the “angels” God creates.

She was motivated to become a writer by her sister, Jan, an author in her own right of one-of-a-kind books for family members. Her friend, Veronica Glueck, has provided encouragement and technical support throughout.

Ms. Burton’s desire to have this story published is based on her personal experience with death and losing a parent as a young adult. More recently, a close friend’s son died, leaving behind a young child missing his father. The loss of a loved one at any age is difficult. The loss to a young child is not only devastating but confusing as well. Angels in the Sky provides a positive view, gives hope, and motivates us to continue traditions and remembrances after a loved one becomes an “angel in the sky!”